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English tutoring with a native speaker

Improve English and
get confidence!


Classes for English Learners*



$40 per session for one-on-one tutor sessions

A groups (2-4 students)


$30 per person per class for groups with 2 to 3 students

B groups (5+ students)


$20 per person per class
for groups of 5 or more

*classes for English Learners in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.

한국에 살아는 영어를 학습자

For English learners living in Korea who want to study with a native speaker online! Group and 1:1 classes possible.

온라인에서 원어민과 함께 공부하고 싶은 한국에 살아는 영어 학습자를 위해! 그룹 및 1:1 수업 가능합니다.

영어 학습

For resources and reflections on living in Korea and teaching, check out the blog


About Anna

I have many years of experience teaching students of many ages, from 2 to 60. For the last four years, I have been an English teacher in South Korea, teaching at both hagwons and public middle school. Formerly a journalist, I am currently teaching while studying clinical mental health counseling in graduate school.

Moon Rabbit

Founded in 2020 by Anna Harris, Moon Rabbit began as a blog and is expanding into tutoring and learning services for English learners.

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